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Dear all my fellow friends, welcome to our website. As time goes by, Shenzhen Yancheng Chemicals Co., Ltd (YC Chem) has grown at steady pace over 22 years based on clients’ trust and support. Herein, I would like to express the highest respect and sincere appreciation to our friends caring and supporting YC Chem development from all sectors of the community.


YC Agro, a subsidiary of YC Chem, was registered in United Kingdom in 2011, specializing in developing, registering and distributing off-patent agrochemicals in Europe. YC Chem is preparing to invest more GLP dossiers for those off-patent products and generic products.


Shenzhen Qianmo Tongchen Laboratories Co., Ltd (QC Lab), invested by YC Chem, was established in June of 2018. As an integrated third-party laboratory, we offer services including: Analysis & inspection, R&D of agrochemicals, Testing of agrochemical residues, Safety testing of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. QC Lab has set up synthesis lab, analysis and inspection lab, formulation development lab, instrumental analysis lab, expert research center and so on. Equipped with advanced experimental instruments, guided by the international management concept from OECD GLP laboratories, QC Lab provides an integrated R&D platform for YC Chem, where we conducted various researches including content analysis, quality control, inspection and testing, as well as the development of new products and new formulations. Meanwhile, focusing on 5-batch analysis, physico-chemical testing, quality testing and inspection and development of new environmentally friendly agrochemicals, we provide expert third-party testing and R&D services for global clients in the production and trade of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and other chemical products. We plan to obtain accreditation by CNAS in one year, and gain OECD GLP certificate in three years. Actively participating in global competition, we aim to build QC Lab into a first-tier integrated laboratory.


We have always been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, excellence-oriented", committed to serving global customers high-quality and efficient agrochemicals based on our advanced technology and first-tier products. We will respect and serve our clients as always. In addition, we’ll enhance technical exchange in a cooperative and creative manner with domestic and foreign R&D institutions, laboratories and agrochemical manufacturers in synthesis and formulation development. We are committed to developing more efficient and environmentally friendly agrochemicals, promoting product upgrades and do our part for the development of new modern agriculture and global agrochemical industry.


We’ll keep innovation-driven and market-oriented, and welcome talents to join our team and our journey of becoming the global authority of Agrochemical company. We would strengthen the core technology research and development of agrochemical products with independent intellectual property rights. Keep integrity-based, focus quality first, we forge ahead for a first-tier technological innovation-based agrochemical enterprise and make every effort to build “YC Chem” as an enduring international brand. We are looking forward to cooperating with clients and professionals from all walks of life to seek development and create business opportunities together! We believe that the pioneer before is bound to stand firmly at the cutting edge in the global agrochemical field. Move forward with diligence and thrift.

General Manager Mr. Chao Quinn Cheng